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For questions related to the use of the Masimo SafetyNet™ system, including the sensor and mobile app, please contact Masimo at:

 Support is available 24/7


Africa  251800861915
Australia  1800 864 957
Austria  0800802373
Belgium   080054455
Canada  833-399-5394
Ethiopia  800861915
Finland  0800 145764
France  0 800 90 32 39
Germany  08000009718
Greece  8008481618
Iceland  800 4375
Ireland  1800 816 356
Israel  1801 227 226
Italy  800597006
Kuwait  2227 9539
Malaysia  1-800-81-8279
Malta  +27781211
Netherlands  0800 0227 076
Norway  800 25243
Saudi Arabia  8008803022
Singapore  800-492-2345
South Africa  080 099 5030
Spain  900431416
Sweden  020 88 1568
Switzerland  0800000470
U.A.E.  8000321056
U.K.  0800 0869016

For health-related questions, please follow the directions provided to you by your healthcare provider or contact your provider.



Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide

Detailed Directions for Use

Directions for Use

Directions for Use

Directions for Use


  • Oxygen saturation (SpO2)
  • Respiration rate
  • Pulse rate
  • Perfusion index
  • Pleth variability index
  • Temperature, and other health indicators, can also be manually entered into the app

Up to 100 feet maximum distance, when there is a direct visual line of sight between the sensor and your phone.

Yes, the app can run in the background and continue to receive data collected from the sensor.

Each sensor lasts for four days with continuous use. The sensor chip will flash an orange light when the sensor has low battery. A flashing red light indicates the sensor battery is out of power and no longer collecting data.

You can wash your hands while wearing the sensor. However, avoid submerging it in water, including wearing it in the shower or bath. Replace the adhesive tape when it is dirty or when the adhesive is no longer sticking.

Refer to instructions from your healthcare provider for recommended monitoring and when to collect data with the sensor on. Be sure to remove the sensor before taking a shower or bath. Always remove the chip before taking off the sensor.

The reusable chip features a light to indicate battery status and whether it is paired with your phone:

Color Description Next Steps
  • Successful insertion of chip into sensor
  • Follow app instructions for pairing
  • Successful pairing of chip to your phone and app
  • Make sure your sensor is properly attached to your finger and hand, so that your phone can receive data
  • Yellow battery seal tab has not been removed to activate the battery
  • Battery is obstructed
  • Low battery
  • Consider replacing sensor, do not discard reusable chip
  • Battery has run out of power
  • Hardware or sensor failure, chip blinking board failure code
  • Replace sensor, do not discard reusable chip. If the red light continues after replacing the sensor, replace the chip
  • Contact Masimo Technical Support or replace sensor and chip

The chip is reusable: Do not throw it away when changing sensors. For instructions on how to change sensors and re-install your chip, go here.

The sensors with wrist strap and adhesive tape can all be disposed of in your standard waste collection.

If you need additional sensors or adhesive tapes, contact the healthcare provider who provided you with your original kit.

Replacement chips are not available at this time. You will need a new kit from the healthcare provider who provided you with your original kit.

Refer to the directions provided by your healthcare provider. It is likely you can dispose of the kit when you’ve finished your home monitoring, but some healthcare providers may request that the chip be returned.

Yes, you can share your health data with family members. To do so, you can invite them to view your data on the Masimo SafetyNet App home screen. See the Quick Reference Guide.

Your data can be accessed by healthcare professionals who have added you to a CareProgram via email or text invitation, as well as individuals you’ve granted access via the Masimo SafetyNet App.

Masimo follows HIPAA regulations for data privacy. HIPAA is a federal law that sets a national standard to protect medical records and other personal health information. Data is secured using encryption between the sensor and your mobile phone, as well as between the phone and the Masimo SafetyNet cloud.