Masimo SafetyNet

Getting to Know Your System


The Radius PPG™ sensor collects your data.


The sensor is worn on your wrist and fingertip. It continuously collects your data.

Finger tape

Replaceable adhesive tape is provided to attach the sensor to your fingertip.


The strap wraps around the wrist and has a place to snap in your chip.


The reusable chip snaps on to the strap and automatically and securely sends your data after you set up the Masimo SafetyNet App.


Use the Masimo SafetyNet App to view and share data.

  • The app uses Bluetooth® to connect to your Radius PPG sensor to display oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiration rate and other data.
  • The app allows data to be shared with your care provider.
  • Use the app to complete CareProgram activities. Your responses are shared with your care provider.