Getting Started

Man waking up from bed to check bedside station

Getting to Know Your System

Now There's a Way to Help Safeguard at Home


Masimo SafetyNet Alert, an oxygen monitoring and intervention system, offers access to hospital-grade, clinically proven SET® technology at home.

As oxygen levels decline and if severity increases, an escalating alert system notifies you and your designated emergency contacts to help take action.

The system includes a bedside station, two disposable fingertip sensors (each intended for up to a total of 96 hours of continuous use*), a reusable chip, and a downloadable app available at no charge for your smartphone.

*Based on 96 hours of sensor battery life. Remove chip when not in use.

Escalating Alerts Raise Awareness and Drive Action When Help Is Needed

  • Automatic alert system escalates as oxygen levels decline; alerts are sent to you, and then your loved ones
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to use
  • May benefit those with breathing issues, including people taking opioids or other sedating drugs to manage pain, with respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, lung disease or recovering from COVID-19.1-2 
  • Uses Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ technology, the same proven technology used in hospitals to monitor more than 200 million patients annually.3
Masimo SafetyNet Alert Screen of oxygen at 83%

Alert 1: Caution

When blood oxygen levels are low, the system alerts:

  • On the app with sound and light
  • At the bedside station with sound
Masimo SafetyNet Alert app screen with oxygen level at 78%

Alert 2: Warning

When blood oxygen levels are very low, the system alerts:

  • On the app with sound and light
  • At the bedside station with sound
  • Via automatic texts sent to designated friends or family
Emergency screen of Masimo SafetyNet Alert app

Alert 3: Emergency

When blood oxygen levels drop even lower, the system alerts:

  • On the app with sound and light
  • At the bedside station with sound
  • Via automatic texts sent to designated friends or family
1 - Bedside station, 2 - Masimo sensor, 3 - Masimo chip


Identify components of your system.

  1. Bedside Station
  2. Masimo Sensor
  3. Masimo Chip

Setting Up the Masimo SafetyNet Alert System


1. Download and Set Up the App

Confirm your smartphone is connected to the Internet. Download and launch the Masimo SafetyNet Alert App and follow the step-by-step instructions.

2. Set Up the Bedside Station

Confirm Bluetooth® is enabled on your smartphone. Pair the app to the bedside station. Connect the bedside station to your wireless network using Wi-Fi.

Hand holding phone with screenshot of Masimo SafetyNet App - Emergency Contacts

3. Enter Custom Emergency Contacts

Enter the contact information of family and/or friends you want to receive text notifications. An invitation is sent to each emergency contact entered in the app. Note: Emergency contacts must accept the invitation to receive text notifications. Get more information on Emergency Contacts.

Hand holding phone with UI screen of Masimo SafetyNet App - Pairing a Sensor

4. Pair Masimo Sensor

Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the Masimo sensor to the bedside station using Bluetooth. Once paired, monitoring can begin.

5. Apply Masimo Sensor

Apply the sensor to your wrist and finger. Insert the chip. Follow the on-screen instructions in the app for more detail.

Masimo SafetyNet Alert Basics


Pro Tip

Learn more about what it means to be an Emergency Contact.


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  5. Emergency contacts must agree to receive alerts.

Masimo SafetyNet Alert has obtained CE Marking. Not available in all markets. Check with your sales rep or customer service for product availability.